Of Gold

Integrity and honesty
Are standards very high;
The one is true to principles,
The other doesn’t lie.

A standard should be solid,
An absolutness sure,
And never torn or fallen,
But endlessly endure.

If you would save a fortune
Don’t wrap in paper sack,
Just pile it up in gold coin
And you will never lack.

No government can bend it,
Or print away its worth;
Gold needs nothing to amend it;
It’s the purity of earth.

The paper in your pocket
Is like sad fading dreams,
But gold is like a rocket
And always what it seems.

Rare it is as honesty,
That best of men do praise,
Standard of integrity
To guard your life all days.

Measure of production,
It shines like judgement proud,
Grows dim for no election,
Nor weak for no poled crowd.

If you believe in justice,
If reason fits your mold,
Leave paper where the dust is,
And see you hold to gold.

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