Head of the Class

When there be men of back-bone few,
When strong men are deplete;
When no man seems sincere or true,
Too many incomplete;
When most are cowards, do not stand
For principles or right,
But shake another coward’s hand
And to their side invite;
When men sell country down the drain,
Sell civil things and good;
When men abandon future gain
For this one minute’s mood;
When men run, fearing selfishness,
And duck, and crawl, and hide,
Then yell and plead for selflessness,
Avowing they’ve no pride;
When such as these, these coward-men,
Are interviewed and speak,
We see what fools are followed then—
These leaders of the meek.
These are professional followers
In baseness and un-true;
Head-of-the-class, top graduates,
Of flim and flam so foul,
They hide in little broken bits
Of bark and whine and howl.
Their trainer holds them in the House,
Where they do represent
The passion of a might-less mouse,
With louse for President.

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