The Fairy Man

Oh, the fairy man’s a merry man
Who’s flitting here for fun;
Of daisy-maid he’ll not be ‘fraid
To smooch her on the run.

The buttercups, he’ll clip ’em tight,
So gentle-tight, profound,
His wings-of-loving whirring bright,
Though stirring not one sound.

The rose, the rose—the blue, the red—
Await with open arms;
Dear silli Lil’ has bowed her head
To nudge his chin with charms.

Dame Dandelion waits his feet,
For tickle-time is near;
She is excited, they are fleet,
Oh, fairy man, appear!

Now violet, don’t be upset
If cometh he not soon;
Oh dansy pansy, you can bet
He, too, for you will swoon!

Oh grasses good, oh trees high stood,
For you he, too, will spring,
And woo your green and woo your wood
With love of soft-laugh wing!

Is….that his step? That his voice?
O Nature, stand and wave!
The very merry fairy man
Comes leaping, naked, brave!

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