Where Is Anger?

There are honest true thinkers
Who revere the truths they find;
There are deviant liars
Who desecrate the mind;

There are people who know something
And who stand by what they know;
There are others who know nothing,
But disguise a black-guard show.

There are men who seek not power,
But want all men to live free;
There are others who’d devour
The first rights of you and me.

There’s a mass that teeter-totters
Between the good and bad,
Who are swayed by feeling rotters
And the ministers of mad.

There are senators grown cowards—
Froze, afraid to lay “Impeach!”
On the master of dishonor,
Though his shoulders are in reach.

All the cowards, power-seekers,
All the fools of blackest soul,
Let this demon go on wreaking
All the hate in his control.

They don’t care about this country,
Nor the rights of any man;
They want only to stay standing
The base cowards that they stand.

Or, far better call it kneeling,
For foot soldiers they are not;
Like little mice they’re squealing
For what king rat has got.

Oh, where is anger of the spirit?
Where the voice of righteous might?
We are list’ning; will we hear it?
Who will rouse us up to fight!

Who will curse him for our country?
Who will judge him to his face?
Who will damn his eyes to nothing
Who despises freedom’s place?

Who will brand this evil liar
With a brand that’s banish strong?
Who will show how right can triumph
When the wrong is shown as wrong?

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