Maid of Miker

There was a maid in Miker
(Was never maid so fair),
And I not there to like her
(Sun yellow was her hair).

She sat a horse in MIker
(Was never maid so fair),
And he would never fight her
(He galloped oh, so rare)

Her eyes were blue as lakes are
Beneathe a clear blue sky,
And never knew what fakes are,
Nor how to tell a lie.

She rode across the mountains
(Was never maid so strong)
To lands of sparkling fountains
Where I did sing my song.

As I stood up, still singing
(Was never song so fair),
I felt my spirit winging,
But I could only stare.

She said then, “Do you ride, sir?
(I barely murmured “Yes”)
Then come with me and bide, sir,
And sing your happiness.

“Your reputation’s known, sir,
And song love I so great,
To you I swift have flown, sir,
To bring to my estate.”

I rode, we rode together
(Was never ride so fast!),
Through calm and stormy weather,
Rock canyons great and vast.

At last we came to Miker
(Was never vale more sweet),
And I am here to like her
And make my songs complete.

“There is a wife in Miker
(Was never wife so fair)
And I’m not here to fight her
(Sun yellow is her hair!)”

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