Fair Lovey

Fair Lovey was miraculous,
When she did speak to me,
As I was walking, fabulous,
Beneathe some fabled tree.

She said, “Oh cut, oh cut cut cut,
Cut down this age-old tree.”
To which I answered, “But, but, but,
It’s giving shade to me.”

“Put,” she said, “Oh put, put, put
Yourself in place of me,
Who has no desk and what, what, what
To write on I can’t see.”

I swung my axe and axed it through,
And lost my shade in style.
She looked at me with eyes so true
I never lost my smile.

Then spoke, she did, “Oh carve, carve, carve,
Oh carve a desk so strong,
That you will never starve, starve, starve,
For want of my new song.”

I carved a desk, I made it right,
And she, with paper, pen,
Did write and write, and write and write,
And wrote, and writ again.

When she was through she stood and sang
A song so wond’rous fair
A living shade about me rang
And cool was everywhere!

The sun was bright, yet seemed not hot,
And all was fabulous,
For me a singer I had got
Who was miraculous.

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