Happy Birthday Ayn Rand

Ayn, Ayn Rand,
Most perfect moral being made on earth,
Made by selfish self—your honest mind,
Delivering exiled man’s sacred worth,
His guardian teacher, his pilot, too,
Who sends him on his glorious way
To be the bannisher of false from true
And brand his reason with the light of day,
Inspiring songs that wing his name up high—
The soul-and-body splendor of heroic “I”!

Ayn, Ayn Rand,
Upending men’s low morals with top thought,
You touted sane ideas none had taught
And lived your truths, in love with where they lead.
Integrity of spirit and of act
Made you your final and exalted fact,
Exacting heroine of honest mind,
That shone, and shines, a light of wisom true,
Through eyes that lead awak’ning men to you.

Ayn, Ayn Rand,
Most just, most benevolent because most just,
Praising man’s proud works of “judge and do”,
Creating cities walls from famished dust
By raining down his thoughts on things lit new,
Adventure-made by single honest mind,
To be each one to him as you to grand—
Independent, passion-living, free,
A signal-light of happy, waving hand,
Which beckons: grandeur’s stations wait for thee!

Ayn, Ayn Rand,
Delivering man’s radiant, sacred worth,
Most perfect moral being made on earth.

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