Offer No Blood

Offer no blood to me of sacrifice,
Give not your pay, or jewels, or joy, or pride,
But throw away your liking for this vice,
That makes your worth less worth the more it’s tried.
Make money, work, begirt you strong with gold,
The all you’ve earned you, learn it all to hold,
To clasp it hard as master-mark of man,
Procuring all life’s pleasures while you can.
Oh, never make you slave to others’ woe,
But, sovereign, live you free and be you great,
So great that lesser men may see you grow
And, seeing, lift themselves to your high state.
Foul sacrifice makes men not better men,
But bitter, till self-love is loved again.

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1 Response to Offer No Blood

  1. I like this. I like the second person writing in particular.

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