God spake to all the women and the girls of earth, saying,
“Whenever you get pregnant, no matter by whom, no matter what you feel about him, no matter what your personal desires, you shall carry the fetus to term and deliver a baby.”

One little girl, aged seven, asked, “Why?”

“Because, ” was the reply. Then He added, “Do you think I want you to go planning careers and falling in love without interruption? Do you think I want you to create happiness for yourself without the burden and responsibility of bearing and raising children?”

The little girl asked, “But what if I did?”

God thundered, “Then I would cast you into Hell!”

Again came the question, “Why?”

“So I could see you suffer age upon age upon age, forever.”


“So I could get my revenge!”


“So I could be happy!”

“Is that why you created Hell?”
“Yes, damn you! You worthless little thing without a blind, obediant spirit, always asking ‘Why, why, why?'”

“Where did I get my spirit?”

“I put it there.”


“Oh, Satan, save me, Satan, save me! I don’t know how to deal with all these questions!”

The little girl said, “Why don’t you read your Bible?”

“Yes, that’s it! Hey, you, you angel there, bring me my black book….. No, not that; that’s red….. No, no, not that; that’s blue and green and gold….. Yes, that’s it—that dusty old dull black thing……..A dictionary? Hmmm. Let’s see……Here it is—‘Why: a cause, reason or a purpose.’ ….My God, am I expected to know everything? Why? Why? Why?”

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