I Dare

My fetus aborted I leaped and yelled, “See!
I’m free of that thing that was growing in me!”
Those women were angry; oh, swore they and cursed,
And damned me a devil to put myself first.

Though I had been raped and beaten near death,
“Your life isn’t yours,” flamed from each hot breath.
I faced them and spoke, “That’s what he said, too;
His murderous spirit is living in you.
But I, I am blessed with a will that is mine,
And I damn you to Hell for your evil design!”

They then called on God to punish me more,
So vile their souls were, empty and poor—
Empty of aught but resentment toward me,
And poor in the love for a woman who’s free.

Individual rights—for them not a cause,
But the killing of rights with immoral laws.
I know if I’d died by that life-hating beast
They’d be weeping and moaning for me now deceased.
They’ll cry for you dead, yet curse you alive
If you, just for you, want you to survive.

These devils of Hell I spurn and detest;
My life is for me, and that I know best.
My fetus aborted I leap and sing, “See!
I am that human who dares to be free!”

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