Let other men sing of their sorrows,
And suffer themselves in their gloom;
I’m looking on to tomorrows
When joy will beat up with a boom.

A boom, and the bright banners streaming,
A challenging charge through the night;
The quest of the men who are dreaming
To conquer the wrong with the right!

Strong men of the proudest conviction
That great must be praised as the great,
Whose souls are the swords of that fiction
That heroes menĀ over fear’s state.

The state of the kingdom of justice,
Where towering manhoods prevail,
And only they know where the dust is
Who sink without “think” and fail.

The most of men flounder on downward,
Entangled in lies they have lied,
Or following blindly a clown’s word
Are tossed back and forth in the tide.

The waves of huge worries are on them,
The froth of deceit at their throats;
The weapons of truth they have lost them,
And nothing of youth in them floats.

The pragmatists, breathing this minute,
Know not where will come air of next,
Fast losing lungs’ power to win it
With screams against men who’re unvexed.

The life-boat of reason they’ve damned them
As sails it past without pause;
For impossible gods they’ve unmanned them
And now have foam’s ghosts as their cause.

Ghosts, and the shark-teeth of masters,
Who drag them on down to defeat,
With the blood of them mixed in deep waters
For lowest of pre-men to eat.

Aloft, waving high on the masthead,
The gold flag of reason streams straight,
And we, the stout sailors and captains,
Have set our hard course against fate.

The isle of Atlantis is in us,
We thinkers who see with eyes clear,
And all that we are we will win us,
As fronts to the future we steer.

Let other men sing of their sorrows,
Let other men moan and give sigh;
I’m already in those tomorrows
A-hoying with jubilant cry!

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One Response to Already

  1. Kacy says:

    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this innormatiof.

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