I Can, Too

Ticker-tape flies—a million million flakes of snow—
Upon us cheering men, these champion streets below.
Blare of trumpets clear, thump and boom of drums,
Adds real regal majesty unto our Bravo! sums.
And loud and proud our cheering, deep our “Yays!”
Filling concrete canyons with ecstatic praise.
Sitting in the lead car, waving left and right,
He, the magnetic star, shines now in my sight.
Lit with inner splendor, such a man is he,
Face a flash of lightning I am stilled to see.
All the drive of purpose, all its passion pure,
Here he is—Hard Lightness—so completely sure!
Inventor, mighty maker, of metal new and strong,
He profits us in all we do the whole day long.
Oh selfish celebration! How selfish is my nation!
We praise the living spirit—“I can do!”
High cheers from every person chimes himself the first one
Hearing in him echo, “I….can…. too!”

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