Girl counts slowly—she’s only two;
Each number slowly, till she is through.
Lips come together; softly they part;
Ten was the mission, now to re-start!
“One,” and “two,” then “three”—a smile.
I listen, patient, glad with her style.
“Four” comes a-bursting, “five” follows aft’;
A little more time, then— “six” is now past.
“Seven” is lovely, ‘specially that “v”;
I’m just a neighbor, but she has hooked me.
Don’t know her name yet, here on the grass;
More than a flower—I couldn’t pass.
“Eight” is drawn way out, —thinking of “eat”?
My, but she’s precious—“nine” is complete.
“Ten!”—Satisfaction blooms in her face;
Now she piles ten blocks up in their place.
“Ten for my tower,” says she with pride—
Wonder of wonders here by my side.

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1 Response to Ten!

  1. tracym86 says:

    Enjoyable poem to read.

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