Altruism’s Last Spin

Altruism camme rapping, a-rapping at my door,
Shouting “It’s your duty to give unto the poor!”
Opening, I glared at him, then spun him all about,
Kicked him in the backside, thought it was his snout!

Altruism went running, still spinning, down the street;
Kids were throwing snowballs, adding to my feat.
Such a blind propeller you did never see;
When he hit a boulder, he got stars for free!

(Altruism’s a giver; he tries to give you guilt;
If he begs you for silver, sword him to the hilt.
Blades are made of steel, but silver-like they shine;
Let him feel the rapier of “All I have is mine!”)

Altruism came back again, said, “Your life’s not for you.”
I picked him up and threw so far, he’s sailing out of view.
Kids with their new telescopes are watching with delight
A grey propeller spinning, and shrinking, out of sight!

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