A Light That Endures

When men tackle their mountains with trust in their minds,
When the spirit of certainty, savoring their finds,
Then enriches their ditches with coal at their feet
And, glad-blackened with labor, they stand there complete,
What is better than this to aspire to and win,
Sunk knee-deep in the life of the treasure you’re in?

When the morning of manhood comes back to the world,
When his freedom is Freedom, truth’s flag is unfurled,
Then will joy be a giant and heroes cease roam,
But dig deeper and farther in their father-earth home.
Then will Industry, singing, make profits so high
That each boss will be laughing, his head in the sky.

Then will each man that’s lower look upward and see
There’s a place for him higher waiting effort from he,
And inspiring him “On now!” to do all his best
To down pay independence for every hard test.
Then the motions of makers will leap through the land
And the love of men living at last be at hand.

Then will artists, musicians, and sculptors supreme
Shape the gold of man’s greatness to joy’s loving stream,
Which will burst with its beauty in eye, ear and soul
Of the man who is sure of his sovereign control,
And who, guiltlessly innocent, worshipping “I”,
Is a giant in spirit, a thinker grown high.

When the cities of man are his shrines of delight,
When his energy, sacred, soars height upon height,
When no cross contradiction is anywhere shown,
And the triumph of trade has a sign of its own,
Then will peace upon earth be a tide to all shores,
And the morning of manhood a light that endures.

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