All Life In A Kiss

When you think—you’re a spirit in action;
When you act—you’re material thought.
In the first—you have got your top hat on;
In the second—you’re all you have wrought.

And the soul and the body together make one,
One indivisible cooperative whole
That knows only joy in the life you have won,
A joy sought and fought for as purest self-goal.

When you feel—you’re a judgment completed;
‘When you dream—you’re desire new lit.
In the first—you’re supreme, undefeated;
In the second—on your way to be IT.

And the flesh has no fear of its pleasure
As consumption of virtue flows in,
And the mind has no guilt for its treasure
Of the beautiful work to begin.

When you want—you’re a spirit in action;
When you love—you’re material bliss.
In the first—you are god of your passion;
In the second—all life in a kiss.

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