Thanking Man

Thank Man from whom all blessings flow—
The spark of thought, the will to go,
The measured judgment, logic right,
The leading on of reason’s light!

Thank Man for all we eat and wear,
For leisure-time without a care,
For houses, cities, bridges, cars,
And rocket-ships that zoom to Mars!

Thank Man, indeed, for using earth
And making things of living worth,
For making joyous music much,
And painting with a master’s touch!

Thank Man, thank Man, and thank again
The souls of independent men,
For as they profit, profit we
In trading all the best we be!

Thanksgiving we do celebrate
For geniuses who’ve battered fate.
Continue free as we began
In thanking, thanking, thanking Man!

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1 Response to Thanking Man

  1. Jim says:

    Wow! Thank you! This poem invokes in me the idea of Reason’s Harvest, a celebration of reason, production, and trade on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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