Last Sacrifice

The politicians of Mondeliban
Sat and discussed who they should ban.
The Rights said they’d not compromise;
The Lefts were spouting righteous lies.
The pressure was put upon the Rights
Since they went talking all the night
And using up all the candlelight,
And so to show they were not mean
Decided to ban the poet-queen.
For she was corrupting youth, they said,
By following truth where ere it led
And singing man was meant to be
Entirely and forever free.

“Now drink this cup of hemlock, ‘dear’,
And you will be no longer here,
And we will have a state so nice,
So made by your pure sacrifice.”
She said, “Dear selfless senators,
First drink a toast to poet me
Of this pure wine I pour—–for free!”
“For free!” they cried, “For free! For free!
Oh poet-queen, at last you see
How all things made were meant to be!”

The wine was red, the wine was bold,
Each cup was tilted, glitt’ring gold.
It taste so good they drank it all
And then—they totter; then, they fall!
The hemlock’s flowing down the drain,
Foul sacrifice is dead and done.
Our youth are free to think again,
For our great poet-queen has won!

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