Proud and Able

We Americans proud, who love freedom and right,
We are standing up tall in the sheen of our light
As we honor creators who work to acheive
And damn the destucters who kill for “believe”!

Only anti-American terrorists bow
To the fear in their souls and the hate they avow.
In their minds all unthinking, and bent to Islam,
They are men in name only, self-fused in a bomb.

But the joy that is ours does not cower or hide,
All our loving of life is not ever denied,
And with towering ableness soaring, alive,
We still show all the world man’s greatness can thrive.

We Americans proud, who love beauty and light,
Who love singular beings who sing with their might
For their rights individual, land of the free,
From mountain to mountain, sea unto sea,

For the towers destroyed and the towers to come,
With our minds ever stronger in moral high sum,
With integrity, justice, and worship of “I”,
In defiance stand taller, our heads in the sky!

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