Some Epigrams

You look upon the stars and rise;
The sky has two more eyes.
You tilt your head against the moon;
Your hair is a silent tune.

Upon reading Plato he tripped and fell;
How he’s a shade he’ll never tell.

Not too long, but brief, my song:
Love is strength, joy is strong.

I am the isle of a shipwrecked man;
I smile for what his will began.
I’ve many a roof and many a wall
And one gold flag above them all.

He was born, chose to lie,
Lived the death of a liar.
Now may he fry in his own fire.

I am echo.
“Who?” I mock.
I am echo;
You, my rock.

Love of Leana is sunk beneath my skin.
If she but parts her lips my body sings.
If she but wave her hand my skin dimples.
Love of Leana is life so simple.

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