Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to each self-loving, self-made individual
Whose ideal of justice is force-free profitable trade,
Who sets his goals, and acts, with his own thinking mind
And strives for creative competence sure and unafraid.

I pledge allegiance to countries of individual rights,
The law-bound republics of only private property—
Private hands and thoughts and lands, and tools and lives,
Where each man steers the wheel of self-responsibility.

I pledge allegiance to the rationally selfish self,
And to the happy life on earth that each designs,
And I pledge totally against the foul evils of
Communism, socialism, fascism and environmentalism.

I pledge allegiance to life—human life above all other,
Independent life above potential, fact above wishing.
I pledge allegiance to me—yes, to me I pledge allegiance:
With myself and by myself and to myself, I pledge allegiance.

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