Living Free!

For Annika may this life be made
To grant her more of light than shade,
And should such shade as comes her way
Faint upside-down, fade into play
As, dazzled by her lovely cheer,
It changes to a mirror clear,
Reflecting all the radiant rays
Of Annika’s dancing, happy ways.

Let growing up, with thinking bright,
Put knowledge in her focused sight,
Her mind a sun, a star, to guide
The flowing sweetness of her pride.
And may she learn from Mom and Dad
The glorious love of being glad
For driving work and laughing goal
That call the songs of all the soul.

Then, Annika, I will sing this hour
All the praise that’s in my power.
For from the photos I have seen,
And all the movies in between,
I have a gift beyond all shade—
Your happy life already made—
Gold victory for eyes that see
The joy of Annika living free!

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