O Heroes

Sovereign, sure, and proud to own a gun,
She blasts the Red officials with hard words
That rise within her spirit in a surge
Volcanic, fiercely true, supremely right.
She stands up for America, her home;
She stands with shoulders tense and eyes a-blaze;
She stands against the men of evil mind.
She stands, and while her passionate hate shoots out,
While spattered guilty men do cringe and flee,
We shower moral praises on her name
Who lives to love the hero who can act
And doesn’t doubt the greatness of his flame.
What is her name, and his? Where are they now?
Is one your neighbor? Facebook friend? Or you?
O heroes that would be, arise! Take note:
The mountain truth is building to erupt;
The anger of life’s lovers is at height;
Combining in the swirling beams of light
The fighters for man’s earth have just begun
And we will not cease fighting till we’re done!

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