Young Self

The ugly beast called Selflessness inside young Self did weave
And whispered slyly in his brain, “In giving all believe.”
Young Self recoiled and struggled so, to get that creature out,
But all the needy wailed their woe, and self was full of doubt.
Then other selves he saw give in and yield up all their gain,
Disowning what they could have been and smiling bright with pain.
The needy were no better than, no prouder than, before,
And there was ne’er a happy man from east to western shore.

Then on a rack self saw a book—a man stood holding light–
And from that rack he took that book and read all through the night.
Then in Self’s mind a war did start where reason rose up strong
And beat false selfless from his heart with axiomatic song.
The first note, “I”, the second “am”, the third meant “think for me”;
And then the “Will” of Anthem rang and selfishness was free!
It rang through his whole being brave, he stood as laughing fire,
And he knew he himself would save from altruism’s pyre.

Now those who had surrendered self and given all to need
More viciously sent out their prayers to damn the men of greed.
“No self” they cried, “but sacrifice is man’s one shining goal.
The ego is a wasting vice that kills the holy soul!”
Young self flinched not, but disavowed their sacrificing rules,
Then strode right off with Atlas Shrugged and left self-death to fools.

For fools they are of shriveled kind who their own lives despise;
These savages against the mind love only quiters’ lies.
Young selfish selves are few, I know; true moral men are rare;
But from Ayn Rand the truth does flow and lays the future bare!

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