She was bound to the stake
With her hands at her back.
“She’s a witch! Let her burn!”
They all shouted with glee,
As she stood midst the faggots
With no self-pity.
Then her voice, how it rang
As the dry wood was lit,
“I do curse all you animals,
For your lives so unfit!
And yourselves do you damn,
And while living you’ll be
Tormented and wretched
In your own misery!”

Now the flames at her leap,
And the crowd starts to laugh,
When out of the darkness
A man and a horse
Come a-galloping fast!
He pulls the whole stake up,
Woman and all,
Riding off in an instant,
Leaping over a wall!
The crowd is astonished;
They feel unfulfilled;
Then a cry—“Sacrifice!”
And a young child’s hurled
To burn in the flames
Of their hate-of-man world!

Now they dance and they drink
And feel all is all right,
Till the fire dies down
And they crawl through the night.
In the dawn they eat fruit
The foul “witch” said was bad,
And the half of them die;
All the rest go mad.

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