A-Top The World

A-top the world, within the sky,
Upon a snowy peak he stands.
Two—climb to reach him ere they die,
To satisfy their eyes and hands,
And fill with joy their minds supreme
Who followed all their lives a dream.

Integrity is his glad name,
Pure gold his matchless, life-like frame—
A man heroic in the sky
Who grasps the earth with focused eye.

His arms are folded ‘cross his chest,
One perfect knee is slightly bent;
He’s satisfied his done his best
And smiles for effort gladly spent.

Tall, so tall—some fifty feet,
Well-muscled shoulders strong and wide,
His naked torso yet is sweet,
His smooth high forehead marked with pride.

The climbers climb, and climb and climb,
Through early dawn’s grey, heavy mist;
They hope to pass it through in time
To see their boyhood’s hero kissed.

And now they’re free! They look up high;
The sky grows pale with waking light!
They stop, catch breath, then give a cry
As sunlight shoots across with might
And strikes his body, captures it,
Makes flame supreme the sculptor’s worth,
Lifts heroes with the blaze of it,
And magnifies man’s captured earth!

All silent now, they stand in tears,
In tears of joy so deep and great,
The meaning of their working years
Grows giant-size in souls elate!

On up they climb with reverend glance,
Till they can reach and gently touch
The hero-god of hero man
That means to them so very much.

The sun is on their faces now,
On manhood’s firm and splendid brow;
These two who came to touch the flame,
For selfish reasons much the same,
Though smaller than their god beside,
They turn the world with their own pride—
Their pride, their love of mind supreme,
Who followed all their lives a dream!

Last touch, last glance, before they go;
Last feel inside of hero’s glow—
But no, it was already there,
And it will stay while they do dare
To live the life that man is meant
And smile for effort gladly spent!

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