The Siren

With shined gold shoes upon her feet
She murmered, “I am dressed complete.”
Outside, a feather blue flew fair;
She stuck it in her golden hair,
Then walked the beach where none could see
The rest of her was nudity.
The waves did roar; the wind swept fast,
As though to catch her in its grasp.
She shivered some, then stopped, arms out,
And let the wind flow all about.
The sky was hers, and all the sun;
Her light brown eyes did sparkle some.
Her body was a soft smooth brown;
The feather stayed, a charming crown.
Then danced she on the damp hard sand,
A whirling dance of blithe command;
Kicked out legs and spun around,
And he did see, with heart a-pound,
A happiness, a soul so free,
He felt his spirit rise like sea,
But dared he not to give her shock,
And kept quite low behind his rock.
Then stood she still and looked away,
And, hands cupped up to all the day,
Sang such a song, could sailors hear,
A thousand ships to shore would steer!

“O sky, O sea, O space, O air,
Give I to thee my grace so fair;
Alive and free I bare this me
To join with thine my majesty!
O air, O space, O sea, O sky,
Fair race of me will never die,
As long as one will joy to wear
Gold shoes on feet and feathered hair!”

She danced on back from whence she came,
And he arose a burning flame.

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