Especially When Dead

Sharia, bare evil,
Of evil Muhammed—
The non-human devil
Who lived to be dead.

He killed for each lie
That ran through his head
And hated each joy
Until it was dead.

No honor, no love,
Just fear that he bred,
This non-human devil
Who lived to be dead.

Who follows this ape
Is a coward at heart;
Who celebrates rape
Is no man from the start.

Who teaches their children
To follow this pig
Aren’t parents, but killers
With spirits pork big.

You’ve no choice, oh say you,
No life in your head?
Muhammed has paid you;
You’re already dead.

Praise Allah, praise Allah,
Your gut’s in the red.
You’re full of Sharia;
Your blood thickens—dead.

Now hate every man
Who loves to be free
And fill up with killing
The world that you see.

You wanted Sharia,
And that’s what you’ve got;
What’s left is your evil—
Your soul in a pot.

Muhammed is cooking;
First, off with your head!
He loves his own people,
Especially when dead!

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