The Evil of Islam

The evil of Islam is blacker than night;
Yea, night is as day next an Islamite.
It’s born of a hatred for reason in man,
Hates every achievement that ever began;
It hates every beauty, hates every choice,
Hates every singular, self-willing voice;
It hates the great cities, hates the high dream,
Hates everything—-but the fear in a scream.
It hates every hero who stands up alone,
And only loves stones when Allah says, “Stone!”
Inhuman, barbaric—that is its soul,
And men without minds its nihilist goal.
The law of shariah? No law, but a curse
On the joy of men living in this universe.
Who chooses to bow to the Islamite faith
Loves nothing on earth but the crushes of death.
He loves its dark shadows and brings what he can
To kill the life-love in the spirit of man.
But first, and but foremost, his self he does kill,
Exists as a zero under Mohammed’s will,
Awaiting the order to act out his hate
On all that is good and everything great.
A stone, or a bomb, to him is delight,
For death and destruction is his sense of right.
Now, you who betray us and give him excuse,
All civilized beings for you have no use.
You’ve sold out your spirit to nihilist ways
And crucified man in your self-hating blaze.
There’ll be no forgiveness, no peace will you find,
Who have not the courage to love your own mind.
When the star of man rises, as surely it will,
You’ll lie all forgotten in some dusty hill.
No angel will find you, no heaven give grace;
The joy of your youth—there’ll not be a trace.
For death and destruction is all that you win,
Who think that your thinking is your highest sin.

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