I’m awake, it is day; there’s a wind, there’s a glow;
I am dressed, I have zest, and I’m ready to go!
There’s my car, got my keys, and I tight slam the door;
Now I switch the ignition and leave with a roar!

From my house, through the rows of green barley and corn,
I gain speed and zip on in the glittering morn,
And I climb the sweet hills, going up and away,
To the rough range of mountains, that stand, as to say,

“Give it up, you’ll not pass, we’re a barrier long;
We have might, we have girth, and ‘None Pass’ is our song!”
But the men here before me have paved a hard path,
And I zoom through the giants with joy in my laugh!

There are boulders above me, like houses as great,
But if they start a-rolling, they’re already too late,
For much faster than eagle, on ground should there be,
I fly steel on this highway more swiftly and free!

At the peak I look down at the valley below,
Where the sunlight is splashing in smashing bright show.
All the windows and rooftops are lit up like fire,
As I swoop down into them with workday desire!

There’s a crane; they are building, and another right there!
This new town, it is booming; there is dust everywhere!
And as closer I steer I can hear the live might
Of the hundred pile-drivers that pounded through night!

It is fitting I think, as I park in my spot,
That the name of this town is the simple word Hot,
And with steady ascent to the thirty-first floor,
I am glad that I got a fast foot in the door!

I awoke, it was day, and my car did its thing;
A long drive, but alive I am ready to swing
Into action, with make-of-life passion and thought,
That will profit this Hot with the heat I have brought!

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