Thick black hair edged round with deep blue skies;
Strong bronzed face and shoulders, blue-black eyes;
Chest firm, gold brown, with glow-gold thighs;
Taut, at ease, ignoring white-winged cries;
Upon the jagged cliff he stands alone.

Sun strikes hard, straight, he gleams—-a blade!
Wind whips hair wild, he stands un-swayed;
Rock shakes, shifts, quakes, he’s not afraid;
Huge wave rises, roars, makes a raid;
Upon the jagged cliff he stands alone.

Large sun falls, sword glows, sky is old;
Blade’s full-blazed, burnished red and gold!
O’er earth, wide sea, breathed light commands
With glad swift cut of swinging hands,
Quick fire-face sweeps serene and free,
Dim blade-sliced sky, dark man-knifed sea!
Beneath the jagged cliff he strikes alone.

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