In the ravishing purr of a motor there’s voice of rejoicing in flight;
In the click of a switch by a doorway the light of some thinking turns bright;
In the silent connections that somebody wrought, in computers that easily send out a thought,
The great mind of a genius keeps working like fire that never stops burning his ardent desire
To make a thing beautiful, useful and right,
And inspire the best men with tools to ignite
The glad will of their grasp on a vastness that shrinks
For the thought-guided human who fearlessly thinks.

All the world is thought’s kingdom, all that’s far and all near,
And the island of science is Atlantis made clear.
The great men who do man it, the great women, too,
From atom to planet the hard truth do pursue.
But the core of this island, its fountainhead pure,
Is philosophic granite metaphysically sure:
That each thing is itself, that it is, is high law,
And that something is made out of nothing ‘s a flaw,
And the nature of mind ‘s not to fake you a fact,
But identify realness to succeed in each act.

Now this isle of Atlantis has no shoreline that hides,
There’s no rocky reef barriers with impossible tides,
For the virtue of honesty is all you must bring
To the innocent Eden that’ll crown you a king.

Look forth bold, trust your sight, think you ever so clear;
Disapproval of others, all away from you steer.
Seek no praise, no applause, place no wish above truth;
Hold as precious and holy your self in its youth.
There’ll be some who will jeer you, and scorn you and hate,
But the boat to Atlantis for them will not wait.
There’ll be friends, maybe brothers, who’ll disown you and bar,
But your rare first-class ticket will enlighten you far;
And the joy of integrity, struck so deep in you, whole,
Will be gold everlasting in veins of your soul!

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