Make Factual Your Dreams

To be a gay
And pledge a gay
Your ever-lasting love,
What e’er men say
It is okay,
So long as you don’t rove.

If you are straight
Don’t gay men hate
With ever-lasting ire;
If you are true,
Then love pursue,
Nor stick your head in mire.

For what care ye
What men do see
In others they hold dear?
Have you a plan
For every man
By which that man must steer?

Would you be king
In everything,
And other men be slave?
Are you a god
With whip and rod,
To beat them to behave?

They lord it not
O’er your straight lot,
Nor make your marriage nil.
They do not hate
Your pledging date,
Nor ban you from your will.

If gay is friend,
It’s not the end
Of work and happy life;
Or is it glad
That makes you mad,
And that you must love strife?

A circling line
That intertwines—
Not opposite of straight,
But bit by bit
The same as it,
When love and truth are mate.

Religion is
The bane of this,
That nought of man does know.
With false ideal
It tries to steal
Each individual’s glow.

It says you must
Be made of dust,
And have no will, no voice;
That central sin
Is born within
Before you’ve made one choice,

And every choose
You make for you
Is by that fact so bad,
That you must choose
To never choose,
But follow, blind and sad.

Religion’s old
And stifling cold;
It bears no love that’s right.
It has no worth
For men on earth,
But ignorance and fright.

It cannot see,
Real joy it must dismiss,
And hold up love
So lost, above,
That death is claimed a bliss.

But death is death,
Dead breath dead breath,
Another life, not true;
You get one chance
For life’s romance;
Your fate is up to you!

Take charge! Be glad!
And march un-sad!
Make factual your dreams!
The joy you win
Is not a sin,
How gay or straight your teams!

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