Free will looked at Fate
And said, “You’re dead.”
Fate tried to respond,
But was fated.

Doom looked on Joy
And said, “Bad end all.”
Joy saw not Doom,
So mighty miniscule.

Wish wished a god
And got his wish—
A no pea-pod
In one no dish.

Wish wished a mind
And looked forth blind.
Thought thought that this
Was true justice.

Fate was dated,
Still, nil, spent;
Action hesitated,
Then went!

Choice rejoiced,
Chose “Yeses,” “no’s,”
Went that way, this,
But never froze.

Fate lies dead
With empty head.
Choice creates
Beyond all fates.

Moon and stars,
Like fate and death,
Cannot change
The human breath,

Nor can change,
Or re-arrange,
Choices clear
That have no fear.

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