When He Began

The gods of Greece
…are gods no more,
We’ve greater gods
…to stand before.

Our gods are men
…who climb and rise
And lift made wonders
…to our eyes.

They teach to us
…each why and how,
And with a plan
…to act—right now!

Expecting men
…to step up tall
And never bend
…to what is small,

Rejecting fear
…and faint-heart fight,
Demanding “work
…with all your might!”—

To be like them,
…but most, like you,
That single sun
…of shining view,

Who selfishly
…proclaims his right
To live with pride
…by his own light,

And bide no man
…who’d make him slave,
But put that bastard
…in his grave!

And then to stand
…alone and free
Above all gods
…of history,

And sing with praise
…of master man
And celebrate
…when he began!

The gods of Greece
…no longer be,
But higher, look,
…it’s Man we see!

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