The Religion of Man

The religion of man ‘s a religion so clean it is not like another,
For it doesn’t acknowledge the clan and it doesn’t the spirit smother.
It has neither a god nor a priest, nor a sacrificial pyre,
And it counts up a man not the least, but the highest, and going higher.

While it doesn’t have any commands, it has principles steady and true,
And a singular best one is: handle your life in the best way for you
Just as long as your reason is planning a course that doesn’t start force.

There’s no church, there’s no hymnals, no tithes, and no preaching, “You’re damned, go to Hell!”
But each man looks on each as an equal, and praises his virtues right well.
And though justice is not always praising, and dishonesty’s evil for sure,
For a well-deserved judgment the bad man has only himself to endure.

For the truth of this highest religion has need not of followers blind,
It holds life as the highest of values, each loyal to self in his mind.
In his mind, in his actions, his feelings, his integrity makes him a whole,
And he reaches a joy that’s a rapture-on-earth in his heavenly soul.

The religion of man ‘s a religion that’s not, but a thing that is highest and free,
And its rational practitioners call it a reasoned philosophy!

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