Late Lion

April pushes up through March
Her darling buds so bright;
Winter takes a nap awhile
And all her breaths are slight.

Dozing like a kitten small,
That’s spent itself in play,
March lays down along the wall
With no more roar than May.

Hats and jackets flung aside,
Lucheons on the lawn;
Young men down the river ride;
Surely winter’s gone?

Now a wheeze, a rumbling air,
Begins to strengthen fast;
Dark’ning clouds are everywhere
And early spring is past.

Lion tears of laughter drop,
As April’s limbs grow tight;
March leaps up to stand on top
And roars with all his might!

Ha, ha, ha! We’re laughing, too;
This drama we do cheer!
Changing weather’s ever new
Throughout the whole live year!

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