Baptism of Life

The lustrous long rollers of the never-lulled sea,
As living-song loving sings the bird to her tree,
Speaks might to the sight of him seeing his life’s joy,
Who I was and I am, as I stood there a boy.
I stood there long watching in the ever bright sun,
Felt wind come strong-blowing to myself as that one
Whose might of joy, lifting, made a bird of me free,
With wings of fierce eyebrows overlooking the sea!
The lustrous long rollers of the ocean’s large smile
Have brightened song’s being in my soul this long while,
As moving strong through me lyric spirit takes hold
With loving-song living in my boyhood still bold!

Seeing unmeasured waters sweep inward so strong,
So endlessly gleaming, rolling light-of-eyes song,
It seemed ever so easy to shoot to the shore
And fill me and thrill me with its everywhere roar!
Such bountiful being, all-invincible soul,
Did sound me and pound me with its pulse of a goal,
And mixing with joy-mist ‘neathe the eyelids of me
Were kissings of sea-spray for a singer to be.
Then screams of white sea-wings pulled my sight to them high
And, ready, up-leaping, I ran down with a cry
To laugh through wet riot grappling love into me
From lustrous long rollers of the never-lulled sea!

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