Love’s Innocent Sex

Not below, not afar, not above,
In my body of sexual love
For the love-loving being of you
Where the wonderful take that is true
Flows in passionate pleasure so right
That we share with divinest delight
All the highest of heights we hold dear
That are pressed in our bodies right here.

Now mouths and hands and legs together
Speak deep of spring and springtime weather;
Of sex that’s deeper, most intense,
And leads our thoughts with innocense,
Which magnifies our love so great
And purifies to rarest state,
That when we touch, or kiss or cling,
One life itself leaps up to sing!

For our bodies of moral-sweet fire
In the fane of our holy desire
There are treasures of tongues and of lips
And dear dewness for deft fingertips,
And where manhood and womanhood meet
The full loving of life is complete.
And the high moral station we gain
Is two egos made sinless of stain!

For the end-in-ourselves set aglow
Is as perfect as any may know,
If like us they be true to their love,
And not boast of fake ghost lost above,
But in love with ideal in real
Grant approval with kiss for a seal,
And so rise with clasped spirits together
In the spring of their soul’s life weather!

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