I Rise

I stand in sunlight above the height below me, I do;
I sing its joy–all is mine–my life, my own,
That I have made, every day of it.
And when I think how much I love it I know
That I’m the meaning, all the reason
I will rise and keep on rising
As a man in love with life.

I see the lines here, that climb as gods to reach me, they do;
I feel their man-made love, too, their steel and glass
That I have laid—my own victory.
And when I dream of one beside me I see
That she will be as strong as I am,
Rising with her wond’rous power
As a girl in love with man.

I am a starbeam within the sun around me, a mind,
A thinking will that is free to judge and praise,
Accept and be a life-way of it.
And when I spread my arms far outward, I know
That all the earth and all the sky is
My great home for now and ever
For as long as I’m alive!

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2 Responses to I Rise

  1. That was amazing! I hope you find that person to be at your side. Keep rising, don’t let anyone push you down.

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