The Steel Song

In the soft shades of morning
Ere the sun makes his rise,
When the wind is still lifeless
And the birds give no cries,
Farther off through the vapor
That is hung like old rain,
Comes the song of the steel
In the roar of the train.

Underneath it there’s something—
Steady din to my ear—
Like a hundred boots running,
Wooden muffled, quite near.
Ah, but yes, it’s the rolling
Of the wheels bumping on;
They are coming, no stopping,
They’ll be here with the dawn!

Now the sparrows are tweeting
At the dying of night,
And the breeze begins whipping
All the mist from my sight,
And the roar of the engine,
Now a giant, takes hold,
And the earth is in passion
As the sun comes up gold!

Now my feet are, too, rumbling
As I stand here so tall,
With this building light-shaking
In my hand on its wall.
Now it goes, now it passes,
All the song grows more low,
Like a hundred boots running
That know just where they go.

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