That Moment

You walked across the wooden bridge
and stopped right in the middle.
You sent your sight along the shore,
then out, across the river.
You stood there calm, your face intent,
as though not really seeing,
And I did wonder, as I looked,
for song came into being.
Your lips, I saw, did slightly part,
while your dark eyes went upward;
Upon the rail, your hand, forgot,
seemed solid as an anchor.
Oh, were I fleet, like some sweet bird,
that I might catch that silent word,
Or were I like a sunbright ray
to touch your lips and feel their say
And, marvelling the whole day through,
reflect the shimmering thought of you!
Then did you turn, with raptured smile,
continuing your slow walking,
While I sit here upon these rocks
and write that moment speaking.

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