Oh Valentine

Oh, Valentine has victuals sweet
Of kisses from four lips that meet,
And Valentine has drink divine
From arms and hearts that intertwine
To bear two bodies as one cup
And, greedy, grasp and lift it up
In celebrating time’s delight
That beats the blood of Love’s great might.

With one desire that burns so hot
A strong long life forgets it not,
It re-invents, while years go past,
The kisses true that last and last,
Where he is king, and queen is she,
Beyond the reach of misery,
But swept with Valentine’s sweet sway
Dance face to face on this, their day.

Oh, Valentine has jewels right rare
From singing thoughts through words so fair
They soar and shine within two souls
That lead their daring way to goals
Which nothing alters, naught can end,
While ever on, around each bend,
The future of their vow made real
Draws on and on their song’s ideal.

With one desire that burns so hot
A strong long life forgets it not,
It re-aligns the little shifts
That left complacent little gifts,
And driving through the great “I do”
Gives joy renewed to happy two,
Where queen is she and he is king,
And their life love is lasting spring!

Oh Valentine, be strong as we
Who eye to eye our strong souls see,
And find in time thy Valentess,
That you may drink your happiness!

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1 Response to Oh Valentine

  1. What a beautiful poem of love, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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