His Day

Sir Valenton
Was awful glum,
Would dumbly drum
Upon his drum.

He’d never one
To call his own,
And in his gloom
He drubbed alone.

Then came a day
He saw a bird,
So blithe and gay
He’d never heard.

For ‘tween each beat,
His drum upon,
A tiny “Tweet!”
Leaped up like dawn.

Sir Valenton
Had hands like rocks,
And gave his drum
More mighty shocks.

The bird, howe’er,
Gave louder “tweet;”
Did not prepare
A flee defeat.

Sir Valenton
Beat harder still;
He loved no one—
That was his will.

So loud each thump,
So fierce and fast,
That through the drum
He passed and crashed!

“Tweet tweet, tweet tweet.”
The bird sang light,
“Tweet tweet, tweet tweet,”
Till day grew night.

Sir Valenton
Looked up to see
The bird upon
A nearer tree.

And still its tweet
Like stars rained down
And smoothed complete
The drummer’s frown.

Sir Val’ exclaimed,
“If you’ll be mine
I’ll change my name
To Valentine!”

“Tweet tweet, tweet tweet,”
The bird sang gay,
And Love complete
Now has his day.

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1 Response to His Day

  1. Absolutely delightful! Thank you.

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