Pretty Yende

Oh Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, sing,
Put Pretty’s grace in every thing,
And Pretty’s strength of pretty worth
That, soaring, sails o’er pretty earth
To Pretty’s more than pretty height,
Where Pretty lives and all is bright,
Where honesty of Pretty’s art
Inspires on each climbing heart
To more than hear dear Pretty’s song
And taste the clouds where he’d belong,
Though still below gold Pretty’s note
Where she in sweetest joy does float.

Or sun or star we do not know,
Or gloried flash of lightning’s show,
Or radiant birth of radiant sound
That showers all its Pretty round.
We neither know nor neither care,
As long as Pretty’s in the air;
As long as song is Pretty’s choice
We can but stand and give rejoice,
For Pretty, Pretty, Pretty sings
And lifts us up on Beauty’s wings—
Where softest breath is never heard,
But singing wealth of Pretty’s word!

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