Be To Be

Take all the sounds you’ve ever heard—
The word of man, the song of bird,
The lash of wind, the crash of wave,
The cheering “On!” of hero brave,
The grind of truck, the spin of luck,
The bronco that does neigh and buck,
The strike of shovel deep in soil,
The grunts of men while they do toil,
The roaring jet, the humming car,
That something silent from a star,
The baby’s laugh, the sparrow’s tweet,
The crunching snow between your feet—
Then blend them all within your throat
And send them on one singing note!

A note of life—you’ve made the grade!
A note of you—your Hit Parade!
And if alone you happ’ly sing,
Or if companions round you ring,
Of all the sounds you’ve ever known
The song of love is yours alone!

Then march! and wave your standard high!
And sing the song of worldly “I”!
Sing out your truth, that does not die,
But triumphs in that glad-souled “Hi!”

“Hi” to work and things well done,
“Hi” to focused thought begun,
“Hi” to beauty, profit, too,
“Hi” to “Hi!” inside of you!

Then dance and spin and whirl and wing,
Be your own world in everything!
In loving, moving, harmony
Show freedom how it’s meant to be!

Be the life of living song,
Be the light for which you long;
Be the sweeping, soaring fire,
Be to be your soul’s desire!

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