Sunny Brown

Nan had a horse, his name was Brown,
So mild-tempered, gentle, calm.
He let her ride him all around
And nibbled sugar from her palm.

One day her sister said, “Let’s race!”
And leaped upon her horse, called Fire,
And fast as wind the gold horse flew
As he fulfilled her strong desire!

But Brown, though he had started slow,
Began with Nan to really fly!
His long long stride, as she bent low,
Made trees to sigh as they flew by!

They flew and flew o’er greenest hills—
Fire, Brown, the girls, too,
Exulting in their racing thrills,
As happy girls are wont to do.

The starting place was in their sight,
Now finish line for their fierce race.
Fire, Brown, came up so tight
A laugh lit up each girl’s face!

“Oh Nan, you’ve won, but I’ve not lost;
My Fire here has singed your Brown.”
“Oh sister sweet, you Fire’s boss,
But my dear Brown is sunny Brown!”

May girls and horses gallop long,
May love of life ride with them true,
That I may sing my western song
Beneath the range of wide skies blue.

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