Piano Concerto with Voice

I heard the sound—Dong!
The Piano Concerto was on!
And step (Dong!) by step (Dong!)
The triumph mounted through tinkling throng,
And on and on, and on and on,
While waves of winds and blaring brass
Arose around in louder mass,
But onward (Dong!) and higher (Dang!)
The steady purpose throbbed on through
Till all the earth was in my view.
Then Dang! and Dong! and Dong! and Dang!
And let all problems go and hang!
I almost leaped, I almost sang!
My spirit bell just rang and rang!

A sudden silence, then came a voice
So sweet, so high, I had no choice
But rise and fall, and gasp and sigh,
And wonder why I did not die.
Oh, nothing close I’d ever heard
Was something so a heav’nly word
As when she sang that great word “Man”
And ended with the phrase, “I can!”

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