Meeting Reality

He was a liar through and through;
His whole life he told nothing true;
He planned and schemed against the real;
Dishonesty was his ideal.

So when they said he must get out
He laughed at them, and then did shout,
“I’ve been through storms so many years
Your worry has me laughing tears!”

In came the sea, and it did rise,
And he did turn away his eyes.
He thought, “Oh, rise a little more,
So I can take the second floor.”

Upstairs he turned the TV on.
A flash, a nothing; it was gone.
He took out cards, played Solitaire,
And cheated “just a little” there.

He drank some acid, shot some dope
To fill himself with old, false hope,
Then lay he down upon his bed
And dreamed he was a ship well sped.

In came the sea, and it did rise,
And ere he opened full his eyes
He felt a wetness, saw a wave,
Within his safe, two-story grave.

Then to the window floundered he,
But saw there only sea, more sea.
He told himself it wasn’t true,
That sea was land, that clouds were blue.

And still the water rose and rose,
Up o’er his shoulders, to his nose.
Then up he stood upon his bed,
And felt the ceiling kiss his head.

In came the sea, and it did rise
All over ears, up over eyes!
And then at last he was real wise.


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