True Statesmen, Stand!

Senators, who have no mind, they say,
But disavow that men have any rights
But those which “kind” officials send their way;
Senators, whose readings are of polls,
While disregarding books that ask them think,
But drink approval from slant commercials;
Senators, un-senatored and weak,
Foul specimens who cannot tell
The truth, how false-sincere they speak;
Senators, elected senators to be,
But actors bad upon trump stage they stand,
And jokers all true men can clearly see;
Senators, yea, jokers, say I now,
You’re through, you’re done, your time is o’er,
Now get your damn jack-asses out the door!

But you who love man’s true individual rights,
True statesmen you, get up and shine your lights!

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